Walther Defense Division

The Walther Defense Division is a team of professional individuals with passion and skill to help advise Walther ensuring the brand leads the industry in concealed carry, duty, and home defense markets.

To ensure real-world experience is incorporated into every Walther product from the ground up, the Walther Defense Division consists of leading trainers and industry professionals. Each member of this unique team is a specialist in a particular area of handgun self-defense. Combining these different skill sets and experience assists Walther in creating performance leading products, bringing all this incomparable knowledge into the DNA of every product.

The Defense Division is an extension of Walther’s own mission to provide the customer with everything necessary to be READY in any situation. Authentically developing and creating products this way allows Walther owners to concentrate on being READY for whatever they may encounter.

Walther has the product covered, focus on being READY.