Based in Southern Maine, Tatiana first started shooting in 2011 at a NRA Women on Target clinic. It was the first time she had been on a range or held a handgun and fell in love with the experience. This passion quickly evolved from recreational use to personal protection as a single mother of two, turning her hobby into her full-time focus, study and profession.

Tatiana’s teaching programs focus on bridging the gap between fundamental skills development on the range and real-world, context-based applications, offering educational opportunities for both new gun owners and experienced shooters. Today, Tatiana’s year-round concealed carry is a Walther PPS M2 in 9mm, topped with RMSC optic, shooting Federal Premium HST ammunition and for winter carry and home defense, she uses a 9mm Walther PPQ S4 steel frame with a Surefire X300U0A light.

“Joining the Walther Defense Division is an honor”, says Tatiana and is proud to be part of the Defense Division team as: “Walther has time and again proven to be an innovator in design, exceptional performance and quality in the defensive shooting industry. I am proud to be working with a company and with team-mates that embody that excellence, and have the dedication to bring the best products and instruction to the self-defense minded shooter.”