Lightweight. Rugged. Ready For Adventure.

In life, sometimes the unexpected can happen. Whether it’s an opportunity for fun and recreation or maybe even a life-threatening situation, it’s your duty to be READY. So, when it’s time to hit the outdoors and you need a reliable firearm at your side, the unique Walther Magnum Pistol (WMP )22 magnum semi-automatic, is the only choice. This isn’t just another target practice plinker, Walther has developed a high quality, lightweight, easy-to-shoot, and affordable pistol for shooters who want to stay READY as part of their active outdoor lifestyle.

Optics Ready

If you plan on putting an optic on your pistol then you are READY to go, and if you want to keep that factory look then you are covered with the included cover plate. The pistol includes optic plates for RMR and Shield/Doctor style optics.

Magazine capacity

For outdoor enthusiasts who value preparedness and reliability, the Walther WMP stands as the ultimate companion. With its 15 round magazine capacity, this firearm ensures that every outdoor adventure is met with unparalleled firepower. Whether you’re navigating through the wilderness or camping under the stars, the extended magazine capacity of the Walther WMP means fewer reloads and more time focused on your surroundings. 

Quad magazine release

Tailored for the rugged demands of the outdoors, the Walther WMP takes functionality to the next level with its quad magazine release feature. Featuring a combination paddle and push button ambidextrous release with four points of contact, this is the most versatile magazine release ever created.

WMP Models


Item Number
.22 WMR