Walther’s timeless innovation has once more achieved a breakthrough never seen before in firearms with the PDP F-Series elite handguns. Whether you are on the job or with the family, it is your duty to stay ready for any situation that may come. Now, you can do so confidently with the groundbreaking advancements afforded by the Walther PDP F-Series. With revolutionary ergonomics, reduced trigger reach, reduced grip circumference, and reduced force necessary to operate the slide and you truly have the perfect tool for those with smaller hands. Add to that our SuperTerrain Slide Serrations, and the best striker-fired trigger on the market and the F-Series is hands down the best option out there. This is next evolution in world-class ingenuity for pistols.

Your duty to be ready

As the ideal firearm for those seeking unmatched versatility, dependability, and effectiveness in both concealed carry and conventional service/duty situations, the Walther PDP F-Series is how you stay ready.


Introducing the Performance Duty Trigger (PDT) for the PDP F-Series, a revolutionary trigger system meticulously designed to enhance ergonomics, especially catering to female shooters. Redefining the shooting experience, the PDT boasts a reduced trigger reach, achieved by shortening the length of travel and amplifying the tactile definition of the trigger break. This innovative design ensures a highly distinct and recognizable feel, promoting repeatable accuracy that maximizes confidence with every shot. 


The SuperTerrain Serrations are uniquely designed protruding serrations on the slide, allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol. Instead of the standard subterranean cuts that are cut into the surface of the slide, Walther has broken the mold with a SuperTerrain design to raise the serrations above the surface of the slide offering a new more positive feel to operating the action. When you go to make READY, you will feel the difference the instant you put your hands on it.

comfort designed for you

Developed by Walther to provide a premium, yet functional grip, the Performance Duty Texture provides an aggressive surface to maintain proper grip performance. With its tetrahedron design, it is non-abrasive so there will be no irritation to the skin or clothing of the user.

Walther has pushed the boundaries of testing in some of the harshest conditions to endure this pattern is READY when you are. Whether it’s torrential rainfall, extreme heat, and humidity, icy cold temperatures, or thick mud, the Performance Duty Texture of the PDP will help you be READY when it’s imperative you have the perfect grip.

Reduced Slide Force

Walther has developed a brand new operating system that results in an unprecedented 20% reduction in slide Racking Force.  Utilizing a two-piece striker, all shooters will be able to experience the performance of the PDP with an intuitive slide rack that is as natural as it is durable.  The Reduced Slide Force is the next step in exceeding expectations for shooters who know what it takes to stay Ready.


Engineered with precision for female ergonomics, the PDP F-Series boasts a redesigned grip featuring a reduced circumference and an optimized angle. Carefully crafted to fit a woman’s hand seamlessly, this innovative design not only ensures maximum control but also enables quicker follow-up shots. The grip’s reduced circumference provides a tailored fit, promoting comfort and enhancing recoil control. Combined with the optimized grip angle, the PDP F-Series is a testament to Walther’s commitment to delivering a superior shooting experience tailored to the unique needs of female shooters.

Red Dot Ready

All PDP models come optics READY. If you plan on putting an optic on your pistol then you are READY to go, if you want to keep that factory look then you are covered with the included cover plate. Each pistol comes with a free optic plate, simply go here and give us a bit of info. Accessory plates can also be purchased online or by calling us at 479-242-8500.


The PDP is the most modular and versatile pistol ever designed by Walther. With two distinctly different frame sizes and three different lengths of slides available you can truly tailor this pistol to be READY for your specific needs. Any slide length can fit on any frame, even if it is not a factory offering. If you are READY for a shorter dust cover with a longer slide or a shorter slide than dust cover it’s easy to configure.

PDP F-Series Models

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