Nick Young

Based in Moore County, North Carolina, Nick has been shooting pistols since he was a young kid. Hooked on the challenge the sport provides and dedicated to expanding his knowledge, he started shooting seriously back in 2011. Along with attending two to three classes per year, Nick competes in 3-Gun, PRS, team DMR, Steel Challenge, and most recently USPSA matches.

Four years ago, Nick began teaching with Solo Defense and has recently started his own company, Velox Training Group. He teaches performance-based classes to help his students become faster shots, yet keep their accuracy at speed. Nick says: “The part I like most is knowing I’m not only helping people achieve their goals in shooting, but I’m helping good Americans become more of an asset to their society and more self-sufficient.”

Nick’s gear setup consists of a Walther PPQ with Overwatch Precision trigger, as well as a Parker Mountain Machine comp and Trijicon SRO with a 5 MOA dot, riding in a QVO tactical wingman holster. What makes him proud to be part of the Walther Defense Division is being: “Involved with a company that understands guns from a shooter’s perspective. The fact that Walther has employees that not only shoot but are talented shooters, speaks volumes. It breeds ingenuity from a shooter’s view and that’s something I’m honored to be a part of.”