Bill Blowers

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Bill Blowers was first introduced to pistol shooting over 30 years ago as part of familiarization when he joined the US Army Cavalry Scouts in 1986. After six years in the Army, Bill spent the next 26 years as a Police Officer, of which 22 years were spent in SWAT, the special weapons and tactics team.

A keen teacher who enjoys passing on his experience, Bill has been teaching SWAT-related courses professionally since 2003, alongside running his own business Tap-Rack Tactical, LLC, since 2006. For training, classes and carry, Bill chooses Walther’s Q5 and Q4 steel-frame pistols, topped with red dot sights, and is currently using a Safariland 6354DO on a Blue Force gear belt and High Desert Cartridge Company ammo.

What he loves about Walther is: “The people first, everyone I have met at Walther has been really good. The teammates on the Defense Division are fantastic people and friends. The guns speak for themselves, extremely accurate and well made, excellent ergonomics, and the fact that I have shattered personal bests on drills using the Q5 SF has really made me a believer.”