Jim Dexter

Based in Carol Stream, Illinois, Jim first started using pistols when he joined the Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer and served as a Military Police Team Leader on deployment in Iraq in 2003-2004. Now a 14-year Law Enforcement Officer, who has spent 10 years in the volunteer fire service, he’s a police Sergeant and was recently promoted from SWAT Team Leader to Assault Force Commander on a multi-jurisdictional team and SWAT School Instructor.

While not an active competitor, Jim occasionally competes in USPSA matches and graduated from both the FBI Firearms and FBI Carbine Instructor School taking Top Shot on both occasions, as well as Top Shot at SWAT School. Two years ago, Jim started his own teaching business, Tactically Sound Training Center, LLC to provide formal training options in firearms, medical and situational awareness.

His current gear set up is a Walther PDP Match, topped with a Steiner MPS optic, running a Modlite PL350 OKW. His duty belt is a Blue Alpha Gear MOLLE LEO Duty belt for patrol and a HSGI Operator Belt for SWAT with a Safariland PDP Holster. To improve your shooting skills, Jim recommends: “Surrounding yourself with a group of people who will push you to a higher level of success. Also, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and shoot with people who are better than you. The amount that you can learn from other shooters knows no bounds.”

With a long history as a user of Walther firearms, what makes Jim proud to be a part of Walther Defense Division is having teammates he highly respects and looks up to and he is looking forward to assisting Walther Arms as they continue to bring phenomenal products to Law Enforcement Officers and civilians alike.