Based in Northern Virginia, lifelong martial artist Scott Jedlinski has always owned pistols but only seriously started training in the sport in 2011, when he figured out in his own words that: “Shooting is simply another martial art” and his love for it really took off.

A Master class USPSA shooter and FAST coin recipient, Scott specializes in red dot pistols and teaches over 70 classes a year nationwide to both civilians and all levels of Law Enforcement – up to and including the FBI – focusing on the art of the red dot pistol and appendix concealed carry. The piece of advice that has stuck with him his whole shooting career is: “The body works the way the body works. The laws of physics do not change because you put a gun in your hand.”

Scott shoots a Walther PDP Steel Frame Match 9mm, with Trijicon SRO, Surefire X300, T1C (Tier 1 Concealment) MSP holster, and Blue Alpha gear belt. Scott is proud to be part of Walther Defense Division because of: “The history, the commitment to self-defense and sport, plus the willingness of the company to listen to the shooters on the team.”