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Gen 1 Plate – Delta Point Pro

Gen 2 Plate – 509T


– Correct height Low-Witness with Leupold Delta Point Pro. 

– Black Serrated front and rear 

– Machined cavity for installation with a punch 

– Front Side Width 0.125″

– Rear Sight Notch 0.150″

– Height 0.369″

Description: These sights for the Walther PDP series of pistols are explicitly designed to give the user an easy and performance-leading option to add Back-Up Iron Sights while using the Leupold Deltapoint Pro.

These sights provide a specific co-withness with the red dot but sit as low in the optic window as possible, reducing distractions and retaining target focus for your red dot, no more measuring down to the 100th of an inch to figure out what specific front and rear sight you’ll need. The rear sight features a machined cavity on each side, allowing you to install with a vice and brass punch without the punch slipping off the sight.

The black serrated front and rear sights provide a precise shot when needed but act best as your secondary source sighting system by giving the least amount of distraction while using your primary red dot optic.