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Walther DDAM Med Kit

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We’ve been saying “It’s Your Duty To Be Ready” since the launch of the Walther PDP and it’s a concept we truly believe in. We’ve created the most reliable tools for you to protect yourself and your loved ones but it’s YOUR duty to be proficient with those tools.

This DDAM Kit is one more tool for your toolbox and we’ve not only made it convenient for you to carry with you, but we’re also providing you with some basic training so you can properly perform potentially lifesaving aid should you ever have the need to use it.

*Note: The course provided is an introductory course and further medical & first aid training is strongly encouraged.

The Walther DDAM Kit comes with:

1 x Walther Ryker Nylon Gear Ankle Carrier

1 x SOF Tactical Torniquet

1 x Celox Z-Fold Rapid Hemostatic Gauze

1 x H&H Mini Compression Bandage

1 x Beacon Chest Seal (6” Round)

1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves *color may vary*

1 x Set of Piranha Trauma Sheers

***1 x Card with Scannable QR Code that will take you to the Tactical Medical Solutions: Tac Med University where you can access the training series of videos modules so you can learn how to properly administer aid for each piece of the included Walther DDAM Kit.

Available exclusively to the North American Market.