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A collaboration between Madison Creek Outfitters and Walther, based on their best selling Kennesaw.

Named after the city that once required every head of household within city limits to own a firearm with ammunition.

This is a great vest for carrying concealed and features 2 x concealed carry pockets with a detachable holster that attaches internally via Velcro.

With a full-length zipper up the front and nubuck leather trim you can rest assured that you are carrying your Walther securely and discreetly. The lining of this classy vest proudly displays our 2nd Amendment graphic.

Don’t carry? The 2 interior pockets could also be used to hold tablets, passports, or any other large item you might want to secure.
Style Description:

  • Quilted Outwear Vest with Zip Front Closure
  • Washable Cow Nubuck Leather on Collar and Pockets
  • Lining – 2nd Amendment
  • 1 Upper Vertical Zipper Pocket & 2 Lower Slant Pockets
  • 2 Interior Conceal & Carry Pockets & 1 Detachable Velcro Holster

Available exclusively to the North American Market.