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The Taylor Freelance Brass Back Strap for the Walther PDP Full-Size provides added weight to your PDP FS which will assist in mitigating recoil. On top of that it make the PDP look awesome!


Stabilize your full-size Walther PDP! Adding a brass backstrap adds weight to the lower part of the frame. That weight counteracts the “top-heavy” feel of polymer autos, and calms perceived recoil. In our experience heavy backstraps also improve the “feel” of the gun — especially when speed reloading.

The pistol rolls into position smoother and more predictably — and doesn’t feel like it’s trying to flip out of your hand.

– CNC Machined from bar stock
– High-traction checkering stabilizes the gun in your hand
– Adds 3+ ounces over the factory polymer backstraps


The TF Brass Backs Staps are available in two finishes: Natural Brass and Black.