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This is the Dual Concealment Walther P99 AS Final Edition holster in OD Green by Comp-Tac.

The Dual Concealment holster defines adaptability and can be easily configured as either in IWB (Inside the Waistband) or OWB (Outside the Waistband ) variation giving you options.

Key Features of the DCH:

Offers both IWB and OWB options in one holster

Comes with easy-on, easy-off Infidel Clip for IWB wear

Infidel Clip features slot for belt loop to “lock” in place

Infidel Clip is cant adjustable for easy wear at any position

Comes with Paddle attachment for OWB wear

Paddle is adjustable-can carry straight/speed cant at 3:00, or 15 FBI cant for easy concealment/comfortable draw

Paddle molded with wings to grip the bottom of the belt to keep the holster stationary during draw

Two Retention Adjustment Screws – Allows Customer to Increase or Decrease Friction Retention on Firearm

Kydex body custom molded for exact make and model providing a superior fit and function

All Kydex® body for smooth/fast draw

High quality Kydex® and hardware treated with Vibra-Tite™ for long-lasting durability