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The CT2-A™ is a Level II holster that uses friction and an ejection port lock that must be released before the firearm can be drawn. The CT2-A™ is designed with the intent that a master grip is achieved before fully withdrawing the weapon. The intuitive, autolocking ejection port lock makes this one of the fastest Level II holsters available on the market today. This holster is available with or without lights.


  • Two levels of retention: ejection port lock and friction retention
  • Ejection port lock (EPL) automatically locks when weapon is holstered
  • Safety shroud assists in concealing the activation lever
  • Self-contained EPL control housing serves to protect ejection port lock
  • Friction retention screws can be adjusted for secure holding around trigger guard and muzzle
  • Optics cut enables use of most red-dot optics
  • Holster design provides for access to activation lever while maintaining master grip
  • Kydex® holster body expertly formed to restrict undesired movement of gun (no “holster rattle”)
  • Duty drop leg mount accommodates 1.5” to 2.25” duty belts
  • Designed for superior all-day-wear comfort