This kit includes everything you need to have backup iron sights on your Q4 or Q5 Match series (polymer or Steel Frame). The new optic plate features an integrated rear sight that is the perfect height to fit RMR footprint optics, like the Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, & Holosun 407/507/508 optics.

In an effort to help educate and provide useful tips for new gun owners we created this series. There are literally millions of new gun owners in the United States since the initial Covid-19 pandemonium began. The rush to purchase a firearm has only been compounded by the riots and civil unrest.

We’ve been working with an amazing company called C&H precision to bring the next generation of PPS M2 optic-ready pistols to our lineup. Through this partnership, we’ve realized the quality and craftsmanship that C&H puts into their work and have decided to expand that relationship even further.