Finding the Perfect Fit:
Walther PDP F-Series for
Medium to Small Hands

Olympian sharpshooter turned author and motivational speaker, Gabby Franco is dedicated to empowering women in sports and promoting responsible gun ownership. With a rich history of competition and advocacy, Gabby shares her journey, tips, and personal stories to inspire and educate. 

If you have medium to small hands, you might believe that you can handle any handgun, regardless of its size. And you would be right—to an extent. For years, I’ve handled everything from 2011 pistols to my Walther Q5 steel frame handgun and the standard PDP. However, my recent experiences with the Walther PDP F-Series have brought to light some important considerations for shooters with smaller hands when choosing the right handgun.

The Challenge of Large Handguns

When using a larger handgun, the first issue that becomes apparent is the need to adjust your grip. Ideally, a shooter should have a firm and stable grip. However, with larger frames, many find themselves compromising their grip in order to reach the trigger. This adjustment might seem minor, but it can significantly affect your shooting accuracy and comfort.

Recoil Management

Typically, when the grip is compromised, the recoil is absorbed primarily by the thumb rather than being distributed across the muscular and bony structures of the hand. This not only makes shooting more uncomfortable but also less controlled and precise.

Finger Reach Limitations

Another factor often overlooked is the physical reach of your fingers beyond the trigger. No matter how you adjust your hand, you cannot extend the length of your fingers. With a proper grip on a suitable handgun, your hand should comfortably reach around the trigger, allowing for better control and a more secure hold.

The Walther PDP F-Series: A Tailored Solution

The Walther PDP F-Series addresses these issues directly. By redesigning the grip to be smaller and bringing the trigger closer, Walther has created a handgun that is more compatible with shooters who have smaller hands.

Enhanced Grip and Control

With the adjusted grip and trigger position on the PDP F-Series, not only is the recoil more evenly distributed across the hand, but the overall ability to control the handgun is improved. This design allows for a fuller grip and easier trigger access, which significantly enhances shooting precision and ease.

Support Hand Integration

Moreover, the compact design facilitates better integration of the support hand. This is crucial for maintaining control of the pistol, especially under rapid fire or in high-pressure situations where control is paramount.

Choosing the right handgun is crucial, not just for ease of use but also for effective shooting. The Walther PDP F-Series offers a significant advantage for those with medium to small hands. It enhances comfort, control, and confidence in handling, making your shooting experience more enjoyable and successful. If you’re in the market for a handgun that fits smaller hands better, the PDP F-Series is certainly worth considering.  Happy shooting!

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